Team Paint or Team Wallpaper? The choice is in your hands

Either paint or wallpaper both have equal pros and cons

Team Wallpaper: The consideration of wallpaper versus paint has extended deep in the previous decade.

The all-time debate hasn’t conclude yet and so do the clear winner.

While few can’t terminate talking about the various benefits of the new-age wallpapers as the most suitable choice to enhance and guard walls, others vehemently deny any problems professed on the goodness of the inherited paint.

While it is totally an unusual option which argument you side with, it is essential to be accurate when you are selecting an alternative for your house.

Your conditions must execute a definitive position whether you choose wallpaper or wall paint to beautify your four walls.

Now, let us understand what suits your requirements the best.


Everything, big or small, depends on your budget.

This is certainly essential to do a cost examination before, your choice for wallpaper to paint or the other method round nonetheless.

Among the two, wallpapers are more expensive than conventional paint.

However, please note that it all depends on quality.

Some high quality paint indeed come with higher price than wallpaper.

Time consumed

Let us suppose you are not operating to do the job by yourself, and an experienced worker would get the job done for you.

It would not take more than a few days to get room decorated.

Inducting wallpapers, on the other hand, is a job that must be done remarkably particularly for the product to give you the most immeasurable results.

It may take at most limited a week to get the job completed in a related room with best results.

Do note here that if the wall is not unadorned and requires remodeling or scraping of the old wallpaper, the method would enlarge much higher.

Installing wallpaper must be done remarkably particularly for the product to give you the best results


If you are someone who gets easily bored, wallpapers might not be unique for you.

Mainly because they would serve you as long as a decade if they are of excellent condition and the foundation has been magnificent. 

Even if you have chosen the most excellent of the paint, you will have to get your house decorated in five years ─ that if you remain till walls begin to resemble dull.

Since wallpapers are likewise durable, they are also cost-effective in the extended run as the return of investment is more important than painting.

Variance there are numerous types of paint accessible in the market today as you could formulate in your mind.

They also appear in various base types such as water and oil-based paints.

They appear in various finishes too, including matte finish, satin finish, semi-gloss & gloss finish, eggshell finish.

The sky is certainly the border if you go for coating.

The identical is correct in the state you choose wallpapers.

Amongst the most famous types of wallpapers are vinyl, solid-sheet vinyl, vinyl-coated fabric, non-woven, pre-pasted and etc.

Besides that, the world of digital print has further transformed this place.

You can get any picture painted on the wallpaper and have it invested in your house.

Be it like family portrait, wedding photo or even graduation picture can manifested in your wall.

Other features

Now that we have a clear pictures, and may have presented up your mind to select one, let us examine at what else you need to examine before making a death or alive choice.

It may not be desirable to do the job all by yourself if you are watching for fulfillment.

In case a portion of the wallpaper is destroyed, you may notice it is hard to get a replacement as drawing, design, and patterns keep varying.

Consequently, you will have to make the whole wallpaper modified.

In case you begin producing second opinions about the idea you choose, you will have to implement a great deal of muscle to do the scrapping.

In case you choose to do-it-yourself, you would attain the painting job simple.

Most homebuyers these days are practicing wallpapers on one side of wall to deliver it the highlight feature while painting the leftover walls. 

Then, there are surface wallpapers that you could paint.

In the world of a wall-covering, you may run as far as your vision necessitates you.

Symphoni III Collection Korean Wallpaper

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