Common Wallcovering Sizes

Explore the most popular types of wallcoverings that can elevate your interior design. Let’s dive into the series that are redefining spaces around the world.

The word ‘wallpaper’ may no longer actually mean it is made from paper in this modern wallcovering world. 
But the three of the most common factory trimmed wallpaper size is referred as ‘American’ , ‘Korean’ and ‘European’ Size.

53cm (Width) x 10m (Length)
Approximately 57.75 Square Feet

92cm (Width) x 50m (Length)
Approximately 495 Square Feet

70cm (Width) x 10m / 50m (Length)
Approximately 75 Square Feet / 376 Square Feet

1.06cm (Width) x 15.6m (Length)
Approximately 177.99 Square Feet

75cm (Width) x 10m (Length)
Approximately 80 Square Feet

1.3m (Width) x 50m (Length)
Approximately 700 Square Feet (Fabric Backing)

The world of wallcoverings is vast and varied, offering something for everyone. Whether you’re drawn to the durability and versatility of vinyl, the texture and warmth of fabric, the natural beauty of organic materials, or the personalized touch of digital prints, our Common Wallcovering Series is here to guide you through your options. Transform your space into a reflection of your personality and style.