Ask The Experts: All You Need To Know About Using Wallpaper In Asian Weather

Feeling overwhelmed by all the wallpaper options out there? 

Worried about making a mistake since, unlike furniture, you can’t get a refund if you change your mind after it’s already been hung.

There is no need for an alarm.
Here are some guidelines to follow while you search for the ideal wallpaper to complement your unique character. Consider consulting a professional for advice on how best to utilize wall colours, pattern, and texture.

Wallpaper protects walls from oxidants and scratches, making your home stand out. Why? Because everyone paints their walls, but a wall covered with wallpaper looks completely different. Papering your walls is an excellent option if you are the unconventional sort.

There are many different kinds of wallpaper that suits Asian weather, such as:

    • Normal wallpaper

Normal wallpaper predates all other wallpaper options. It is beautiful wallpaper that can elevate any room. It is a hassle to take them out and put them in. These wallpapers are best suited for less trafficked spaces, including dining rooms, bedrooms, and living rooms.

    • Vinyl wallpapers

It can be installed on the walls of any room, including the kitchen, the bathroom, or any other damp or humid area. Water won’t damage vinyl wallpaper. Its affordability and longevity make it a popular choice among homeowners. Vinyl wallpaper has the added benefit of being simple to remove and reapply after cleaning.

    • Foil wallpaper

Foil wallpapers are well-liked among Singapore’s design community as a whole. The wall design is quite appealing. It takes a lot of work to attach them to the walls since it look terrible when wrinkled or folded. Not being able to conceal wall imperfections is a major shortcoming of this wallpaper.

    • Folk wallpaper

One of these wallpapers will do the trick if you want to spruce up a formal space like a dining room. Today’s market for folk wallpaper features a wide range of designs, color palette, textures, and pattern options. It is washable. However, rough scrubbing could cause damage. It adds a touch of sophistication to the walls.

    • Fabric wallpaper

This wallpaper makes a lovely addition to any room’s walls. Unlike standard wallpapers, these are not laminated. Fabrics and clothing are used in construction. Fabric wallpapers add cosiness to large rooms and pair nicely with modern decor. The fact that it shows dirt and dust so readily also makes this wallpaper a pain to apply.

The Importance of Picking Reputable Wallpapers in Asian

    • Elegant and lovely

Most Singaporeans employ high-quality wallpapers to make their homes look different from those of their neighbors. Since wallpapers can be found in a wide variety of styles, colours, patterns, materials, and textures, it can do wonders for the aesthetic appeal of any room its applied to.

    • Easily wipes clean

Top-quality wallpapers have a protective coating that makes removing everyday stains simple for the homeowner. That way, your wall covering will last longer than paint, which can wear away with repetitive scrubbing.

    • Durable and cost-effective

Good wallpapers don’t break the bank and last a long time. Using high-quality wallpaper will help you save money since it will last much longer before it needs to be replaced. Since wallpapers are selected to complement the room’s furnishings, switching wallpaper patterns will require purchasing new pieces. High-quality wallpapers are an investment worth making if you want to delay the expensive need to replace your furnishings too frequently.

Popular wallpapers are attractive.

Tenants often choose to rent from them because of the high quality of their home’s interior design. In a highly competitive market like Singapore’s, attracting a large pool of qualified tenants is essential. One way to do so is by decorating the interior of your rental properties with high-quality wallpaper.

How to Find a Trustworthy Wallpaper Vendor

The vast majority of these distributors are made in-house. As a result, you can rest assured that you’re getting a genuine and reliable product. Yet some businesses import goods from Europe, the United States, Japan, Korea, etc. Each one is unique because it’s fashioned after a design picked by the buyer.

Reasons to Work with a Reliable Wallpaper Supplier:

    • Reliability

Consider adding some new wallpaper if you want to give your walls a makeover.
Choosing a dependable provider is essential, as is working with an organization that can put up the safety treatments before and after hanging the wallpapers.

    • Expertise and understanding

If you hire a reliable firm around your area, it will be able to help you select and expertly install wallpaper that complements the style of your home and your tastes.

    • Creativity

Truly one-of-a-kind wallpapers can be designed by the talented staff of a our firm known for its excellence.
It may modify the infrastructure to suit your requirements better.

    • Variety

A good decoration firm would have a wide selection of wallpapers available in various styles and materials.


It is recommended that anyone in need of wallpaper in Asian learn about the different varieties of wallpaper available, be aware of the factors to be considered before making a purchase, and shop for wallpaper at a respected Asian business.

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