Interior Design

Quarantined? Perfect time to clean your house!

Malaysia has now moved into the third phase of lockdown to prevent the spread of COVID-19, making most people self-quarantine themselves at home. While we are in it, why not make our house clutter-free and attractive?

Let us share a few tips for you and your house during the lockdown.

Free Up Spaces

1. During self-isolation, try to ensure that your house is not cluttered. Given that this situation is going to predominate for a while, it would be wise to make your home clutter-free and spacious. Free up some spaces where the family can gather to play games and do interesting activities together.

Check The Attic/Store

2. These days, you have a lot of free time, you can thoroughly check the attic or store. There are enough chances that you will find something interesting that you were searching for years. In fact, you can easily turn trash into treasure and can give a vintage look to your home, incorporating memories into your present.

Improvise Your Bedroom

3. Turn your bedroom into an art gallery, library, or a sports complex. Whatever be your choice, try to make your home as lively as possible with some classic posters, paintings, and antique decor pieces if you have some. Also, since it is not possible to go out, one thing we can do is to bring the outside in. By placing plants inside the house, and nurturing your garden, add natural charm to the surroundings.


4. Colours can have an immense impact on creativity, so be very mindful when choosing colours. Usually, shades of blue or yellow are great for boosting productivity.

Calm Environment

5. For the bedroom, as the summers are nearing, you need to create a calm, cool environment. Placing a floral headboard above your bed is a great idea. You can also hang a light canopy from the ceiling for a royal vibe.

Living Area

6. Usually, people spend the maximum time in the living room during the day, it is most important to ensure there is plenty of circulation space. Whatever you don’t need and is just sitting there collecting dust, needs to be stowed away.


7. Placing houseplants is also a great idea as it makes the place feel fresh and natural.