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Wallpaper & Carpets Distributors (M) Sdn Bhd was established in Malaysia, and it has since become a leading distributor of high-quality Korean wallpaper at competitive prices. We are a trusted provider of exclusive, made-to-order Korean wall coverings. We have advanced to unprecedented heights in the field. Both consumers and businesses regularly purchase our wares.

The unique selling proposition of our Korean wallpaper is yet another argument in favour of its purchase. Due to high quality and valuable properties, such as resistance to fungi and bacteria, Korean wallpaper is a popular choice among consumers. This assertion is not baseless. We are the first company in Malaysia to offer Korean wallpapers with an anti-fungal certification, and our selection is unmatched. Consult with our seasoned professionals to learn more. As a result of its reliability, Wallpaper & Carpets Distributors has become the go-to source for the largest selection of Korean wallpaper designs over the years. Thanks to these wallpaper patterns, it doesn’t take long before the walls look dramatically more dramatic. The enclosure has a wide variety of styles available. Clients only buy the ones that catch their eye.

Astounding in sophistication, our Korean wallpaper designs will capture your attention. Professional teams use cutting-edge technology and high-quality, trend-appropriate materials to create our wallpapers. We have a large selection of wallpapers in various styles, including contemporary designs. Our wallpapers are renowned for sophisticated appearance, high-quality finish, attention-grabbing themes, and superior quality.

Modern vinyl wall coverings complement our products perfectly. Buying one of our products is like purchasing a piece of history. A variety of our high-end offerings guarantee 100% contentment for our clientele. Every single one of our finished goods goes through a thorough inspection process. Our company’s professionals always ensure deliveries get made to the customer’s location. Our company is widely recognised as the premier provider of Korean wallpaper.

To hang Korean wallpaper, you must first glue the paper to the floor, as it has a “Paper backing.” Also, the 106-centimetre width of a standard roll of Korean wallpaper can be intimidating to do-it-yourselfers. You can count on us to be here whenever you require assistance. This is because we employ skilled wallpaper hangers.

Korean wallpaper is the quickest type of wallpaper for a professional installer to put up. A proficient wallpaper hanger can paste about eight rolls per day.

We have established a great foothold in the industry and the support of a sizable clientele. From time to time, we present cutting-edge designs, patterns, and colour schemes for the pleasure and approval of our esteemed customers.

We also provide a comprehensive house package for HDB flat owners, including installing Korean wallpapers throughout your home. Visit our showroom or give us a call if you have any questions about the Korean wall coverings we carry.

Being the best wallpaper supplier, we focus on providing high-quality wallpaper and flooring for homes and businesses. Since we import and distribute directly from more than 50 of the world’s best wallpaper makers, we can supply and install the flooring and wall coverings that our customers want within three days to two weeks via pre-order methods.

You can find us supplying businesses like general stores, Korean restaurants, and coffee shops, so if you’re in the wallpaper market, we invite you to stop by our showroom to offer a solution tailored to your needs and preferences.


Korean wallpaper is what exactly?

Wallpaper & Carpets Distributors offers a range of exquisitely designed Korean wallpapers. It will elevate the decor on your walls to a whole new level.

How does wallpaper react to different temperatures?

To get the best results when wallpapering, you should wait until the temperature drops below 30 degrees Celsius. To keep the room cool on a hot day, you should close the blinds or curtains and turn off the air conditioner (which can cause a draught). The glue can dry too quickly in the heat and sunlight, leading to bubbles and shrinkage.

How many square feet would it cover if I were to hang a roll of Korean wallpaper?

It’s important to note that a whole roll of Korean wallpaper covers 177.75 square feet. It can cover about 150 square feet of wall space, but this needs to account for minor wastage during pattern matching.

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