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Wallpaper & Carpets Distributors Sdn Bhd in Malaysia is happy to introduce various collections of carpets to be used in mosques. Bring the beauty and comfort of mosque carpets to a new level with our high-end collection of mosque carpets.

We have the Al Arafat Collection, Barkathi Collection, Ghazal Collection, and Jal Jumeirah Collection, along with other mosque carpet collections.

Quality and craftsmanship

Our mosque carpets are tailored to suit your needs in terms of quality and durability. The finest materials are used for the craft, and every detail is given special attention. The beautiful and detailed patterns and designs help in creating a highly relaxing and divine atmosphere in your mosque.

Variety of Designs

From a wide array of styles, shades, and sizes, pick what best suits you. Be it traditional floral motifs or contemporary geometrical patterns, you will find something within our mosque carpet collection. Pick a carpet that would match your aesthetics in our hand-picked collection.

Comfort and durability

Our mosque carpets look attractive and are sturdy as well. They are made from the finest materials available on the market and can withstand heavy traffic. They are an awesome addition to mosques and other places.

Easy to Maintain

Our mosque carpets are easy to maintain and do not require special cleaning. They just need regular vacuuming and occasional professional cleaning to keep them looking their best.

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Call Wallpaper & Carpets Distributors Sdn Bhd to find the complete collection of our mosque carpets. Our competitive prices and extensive range of designs make us the best mosque carpet distributor. We bring you the opportunity to find the best carpet for your prayers.