Stylish 2020 wallpaper ideas for your house

The return of printed wallpaper remains high on most decorators design agendas. For 2020, expect to start seeing inspiring wallpaper updates to bring life and great design to any space, from commercial to residential. Unique floral prints and patterns are also making a big comeback as we’re noting more botanical-inspired wallpapers on the market. Texture also features heavily for the best wallpaper options for 2020, helping to create an interesting, cozy environment in your home.

Here’s our thought on the most stylish wallpaper ideas for 2020 and beyond!


Add a sense of fun in any room in your home with bold bird printed wallpaper with an oversized scale to maximize the look. 

They’re great for adding depth in a room via an accent wall or for small areas like powder rooms and entryways.


Channel the heady spirit of the Art-Deco era with a graphic and symmetrical geometrically printed wall covering that’ll be sure to never go out of style while adding a sense of everyday glamor in your home.

To get the look right and keep it timeless, go for classic colors that you won’t tire of as trends come and go.


Go graphic with bold stripes that’ll never feel dated as long as you stick with classic colors that are easy on the eye. Think warm neutrals and strong colors for a crisp look.

Stripes are also great for making a small space appear to be larger than it really is and pair well with all kinds of furnishings and just about every design style.


Though a perennial classic, modern and unexpected updates and breaks in otherwise straightforward chevron prints feel fresh and boast conversation-starting power to boot.

As illustrated above, if the chevrons were filled in and not spaced apart, the wall might come off as heavy. Instead, it retains a unique look that’s bolstered by a trio of complimentary colors that are easy on the eyes.


Batik rugs, linens, and wallpaper have been trending over the past few years thanks to their muted prints with a lived-in feel, graphic symmetry, and small scaled patterns.

We love how the decorator realizing the room featured above took the pattern a step farther by creating a rich yet subtle mix of various batik patterns and prints for a densely rich, layered look. And as you can see, batik bedroom wallpaper designs are a great direction when looking to create a soothing oasis that’s still rich in print.


By going completely solid or tonal, you’ll give any space a more polished and sophisticated feel while adding distinctively rich texture. Plus, by going tonal you’ll be able to keep walls looking more fresh with ease than say, compared to an all-white painted wall.

Eventually, tonal wallpaper will work to illustrate your attention to detail while celebrating the joys of elegant, quiet design.


It may come as a surprise to see Asian-inspired styles when considering modern wallpaper for your home as they haven’t been popular since the early 90’s, but there’s always an exception when traditional styles get glorious updates.

From metallic finishes to intricate details, there’s something to said about the beauty of flora and fauna elevating a room. And if Asian-inspired wallpaper wasn’t inspiring enough, look at how clever the placement the dining room wallpaper featured above is. By only placing the wallpaper within molded rectangles, the look comes off as though they are traditional screens. Pretty clever indeed.