5 added benefits you didn’t know about European Wallpapers.

Create a special ambiance in your home and opt for our selection of our first-class European Wallpapers. 

You will find a diversity of collections that is second to none: discreet or flashy, colourful or monochrome, modern or retro, classic or innovative. 

Let your creativity roam free when designing your living room, office, or children’s room, and realise your dreams while designing your own four walls!


European Wallpaper are widely manufactured and produced by English, French, Italy and German companies.

European rolled goods are 52 centimetres (20 inch) wide by 10 metres (33 ft) in length, approximately 5.2 square metres (56 sq ft). 

European wallpapers are your best bet as they are usually designed by individual designers.

Why European Wallpaper Is Your Best Bet?

Common material used in European Wallpaper is Non-Woven

Non-woven wallpaper is completely vinyl-free thus a great choice if you’re sensitive to environmental considerations.

They are washable and breathable. Therefore, the growth of mold is avoidable.

It is fairly easy to install and remove, due to the fact that it does not tear easily, and it comes off the wall in one long strip.

Therefore, if you have to carry out some structural works with the wall, you can remove the wallpaper and reinstall it when you’re ready.


The name of the range is the evocative of the style. European Wallpaper has a stylish colour palette which is a reminiscent of the European culture, with designs that range from the timeless to modern and trendy

The wallpapers in this range are an interesting mix to fulfil your demand. The range that we are offering at WCD is simply unmatched by others.


If you’re looking forward to add some new dimensions to your home and lend a beautiful touch at your place, then you are at the right place. WCD brings the finest and most adorable collection of embossed European Wallpapers that can change the look of your homes and offices.

Embosses wallpapers are a stylish option for all kinds of room and home, right from your bathroom to the living room. With our collection, you will find all kinds of coverings from bold and beautiful Victorian designs to clean and white paintable embossed wallpapers.

We curate some of the best designs and love the look of embossed wallpaper in smaller space like bathroom or hallways. You also get the option to leave the wallpaper white or paint the wallpaper to match the existing interior decor. Enjoy the endless possibilities with our embossed collection of wallpaper for your home and office.


Textured wallpapers are a great tool to add depth, warmth and an interesting contrasting effect to the plain walls. Our textured wallpaper range varies from some of the most delicate and soft fabric inspired imprint through dramatic geometrical designs. 

Some of our best selling colors include stone, taupe, cream and light texture. These colors and designs are ideal for all kinds of home and create a wonderful and natural palette which can be coordinated with other accent and featured colored.


Along with style, we ensure impeccable quality standards at prices which will leave you pleasantly surprised.  

CE declaration of performance

The CE declaration of performance is a safety declaration in accordance with EU law for certain products.The CE declaration of performance is a safety declaration in accordance with EU law for certain products. 

RAL Quality Mark 

To meet the high standards of environmental compatibility set by consumers today.More than 60 wallpaper manufacturers joined together in 1991 to form a quality association which subjects its products to regular monitoring.

FSC Certified Substrates

This means that the backing papers and non-wovens of wallpapers made from wood are manufactured from sustainably managed forests. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) is an international, private and non-profit-making organisation that campaigns for environmentally friendly, socially acceptable and economically sustainable use of forests and is supported throughout the world by environmental organisations.

Final Thoughts

The walls of a room have endless possibilities. It is a space which you can personalize, to reflect your own personality.

For someone who is looking for classic elegance with a contemporary touch, our European Wallpapers catalogues, we have just the answer. Take a look at our website and a simple click on the button will show you our European Wallpaper collection that will leave you delighted.

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