Supreme wallpaper styles that must be applied now!

There are so many ideas out there that circulate the discussion on trending wallpaper styles that suits everybody’s needs. If you are hunting a new styles that will make everyone stare at your house, here’s our take to the supreme wallpaper styles that outshine others.


While we aren’t ones to recommend preprinted murals, there’s something to be said about the unexpected and intimate appeal of the wallpaper featured here as it boasts a wonderful collage of varied buildings and fruit for the ultimate in unique, graphic wallpaper that no one else will have.

The key in making it work is to again, go for subtle colorways to keep the look light-handed and refreshing. Perfect for an accent wall or trim, a modern mural will have guests scanning the surface with a sense of intrigue that they’ll never forget.


A more classic wallpaper option for 2020 and beyond, bold oversized paisleys will give a room a sense of feminine play while riffing on historic silhouettes to boot.


Continuing to gain traction over the past few years, palm leaves are still a heavy-duty wallpaper trend continuing into 2020. More textures and details are being introduced into modern wallpapers, and the intricate details of the palm make for a chic option. Palm printed wallpaper is available in all manner of designs – whether you are looking for something more masculine, something bright and bold, or something more calming.

Palm fronds don’t have to be all out 70’s inspired. We are loving the depth and coziness that a palm wallpaper with a black background lends a space and the light airiness that a white paper with bold green palms provides.


Copper and gold tones are an easy way to add instant glamor to any room and are heavily featured throughout wallpaper ranges; whether as a statement-making copper textured paper or embedded within a design. Warm metallics like these haven’t been popular for decades, but they are back, and feel so fresh this time around. Copper and metallic gold tones warm up modern wallpaper and add a touch of luxury to easily elevate any space.

Imagine a stunning gold wallpaper with a geometric white pattern across it – this look would evoke everyday glamor and an art-deco spirit – especially when teamed with unexpected colors and details like the neon painted beds above.


Stripes saw a return on modern wallpaper designs 2020. The tones are more muted than we’ve seen in the past with striped wallpaper, but they look just as sharp. If you want something to make your walls more interesting, but without all too much color, choose a graphic grey and white stripe. For something more fun, but not too obvious, consider modern wallpaper with green, pink, and white stripes?

This will add a touch of luxury to any room, while at the same time helping you introduce color (this will look great with in otherwise muted and neutral room). Stripes also evoke a put-together feel when teamed with soft neutrals, perfect for creating a warming and inviting space.


Bold, bright, and compelling wallpaper designs are seeing a comeback – living room, dining room, and bedroom wallpaper designs alike are trending and are more imaginative than ever before. Bright colors and extravagant prints are here to create an unforgettable statement. Forgo the quiet wallpaper popular as of late, because making an impact is back on trend

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