European VS Korean Wallpaper: Should you care?

Rasch European Collection

WHILE you might looking at it as the same kind, but not every wallpaper rolls are created equal.

Considering wallpaper for your home, there are indeed major differences type of wallpaper roll in the industry.

The top notch and most popular on demand type of wallpaper are European and Korean wallpaper.

Those two type of wallpaper are outselling others and greatly admired by professionals whether an interior designer, home decorator, consultant or even an artist.

Perhaps, those two little fellas soon might be joining your lovely cribs.

So, what are so special and a major differences between these two?

Let’s break it down so that you can play your part to choose what suits best to your needs!

Backing Materials

European and Korean wallpaper both have different Backing Materials such as Paper-Backing, Non-Woven Backing, Woven Backing and Latex Acrylic Backing.

It is essential to know that the Backing Materials play a vital part for the quality of wallpaper.

Getting to know the basic knowledge of the Backing Materials indeed help a lot to determine which type of wallpaper that are worth every penny. 

The most common and widely used for the European Wallpaper are the Non-Woven Backing.

Non-Woven Backing is a combination of natural and synthetic fibers.

That fibers mixture single handedly contributed to the revival of the wallpaper industry as we know it today.

Non-woven is a light paper backing that is easy to hang and easy to remove.

It is more difficult to tear, even when it is wet during the application process.

Besides that, you also don’t need to worry about the material contracting or expanding over time.

Installers love this because it means they don’t have to book the wallpaper for long periods of time before hanging it.

Although lightweight, non-woven wallpaper is designed to go up and come down in long flowing strips.

You can imagine how important that is if you’ve ever had the pleasure of removing old wallpaper.

The whole process quickly turns into a nightmare when the paper substrate starts to break apart and you have to peel and scrape it off your wall, inch by inch.

Non-woven was specifically made because the public was demanding a new kind of wallpaper that would be very easy to remove from walls once it has reached the end of its life.

Everybody loves a strippable wallcovering. Just now we’ve talk about the difficulty of removing old wallpaper and especially when they start to tear apart right?

Removing wallpaper should be an enjoying moment

Well, that is the common problem with the backing-material that are widely used by Korean Wallpaper.

The Korean Wallpaper are using Paper-Backing type of materials.

You can easily notify it just by touching the back side of the wallpaper which feels like paper-ish.

If that being said, what make the Korean Wallpaper so famous and became a sudden trend in the industry these past few years?

The Korean Wallpaper’s biggest advantage is the lower price that offered than the European Wallpaper.

Besides that, the best part is the material is suitable for all interiors.


However, if you opt for paper wall hangings, get ready for a challenging and difficult application.

Paper-backing wallpaper is non-washable and of all wallpapers least resistant to scratching.

The wallpaper must be soaked before application, therefore the adhesive is applied directly to the wallpaper.

Then it is necessary to wait a few minutes until the wallpaper absorbs the glue, but that can change its dimensions.  

Just want to add on some informative fact that paper-backing materials refers to wallpaper with a paper substrate/ground combination upon which the decorative layer is printed.

True papers are not coated, but some may have a coating applied to seal in the inks.

Because this type of wallpaper varies widely, check the label for attributes of the pattern/brand you want to purchase.

Nevertheless, the Korean Wallpaper industry start to grow especially in quality aspects ever since they step in the industry.

They offer a wide range of top quality wallpaper to close the gap between the Korean and European wallpaper.

In fact, some of the Korean wallpaper manufacturer produced a high-end wallpaper that may compete or even outsell the other competitors.

Scarlet Collection Korean Wallpaper

Now you might have the clear idea on what are the major differences between the Non-Woven Backing and Paper-Backing wallpaper materials.

Special note that, wallpaper nowadays has become a primary method by which to impart style, atmosphere, or color into a room.

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