Surprising modern wallpaper ideas for your house

Have you been on the quest for great wallpaper ideas but don’t know where to start? Let the wisdom of Wallpaper & Carpets Distributor interior designers put you at ease as they’ve shared their opinions on excellent room wallpaper ideas. Consider these wallpaper styles as an inspiring starting point to easily transform a space in a single go.


If you’re looking for strikingly cool wallpaper ideas for home but on short on space, skip out on oversized prints that will only make it seem smaller. Instead, go for delicate small-scaled prints that will still help to define a room in style without screaming.

Think two-toned dot and floral prints that are naive in feel yet room-defining in effect.


Another great take on cool wallpaper ideas for challengingly small spaces, tonal striped and patterned wallpaper is great for keeping the look easy on the eye while creating a layered play of soothing colors.

So instead of going for bold and expressive hues, keep it subtle and opt for neutral combinations that will still allow you to introduce some needed color and depth in small spaces.


Again, you can’t go wrong with keeping the look simple. In fact, by going for calm hues and patterns, it may just help you appreciate your wall covering choices all the longer since they don’t elicit too much of an emotional response.


Though the era is about to celebrate its centennial in the world of interior design, the heady appeal of symmetrically graphic Art-Deco-inspired prints and patterns continues to endure thanks to its everyday sense of decadent glamor.

Go for a powerful look with a similar feel and consider using it for only an accent wall to keep the look modern and fuss-free.


Sure, who wouldn’t want marble-covered walls in their home? But the price tags make it out of the question for most homeowners. But thanks to modern wallpaper ideas and innovations you can get the look without it looking too faux via marble printed wallpaper.

Create a rich sense of visual play with a marble printed wallpaper that will instantly make any room look all the more expensive. As when it comes to cool wallpaper ideas for home, sometimes all you have to do is be a little creative and think outside of the box.


Create a delightfully refreshing coastal-inspired feel with modern wallpaper ideas that evoke the spirit of the sea and fond memories beachside during warmer seasons. To get the look right, keep it simple and go for a wallpaper that features a simple blue and white color combination paired with vaguely nautical details.


Channel a far-flung wanderlust feel with cool wallpaper ideas that celebrate the culture and spirit of various ethnic-inspired design movements for a unique and rich feel. Go for batik prints, Japanese Shibori, and tie-dye effects.