The Right Way To Dispose of Wallpaper

Many of us think that wallpaper cut-off should be taken to the paper recycling container. But, that is not the right place for them, even if they are paper-based. They have to be disposed of properly. Whether it is left on the roll or has been removed from the wall, please keep in mind that it is not recyclable.

Wallpapers are categorized as residual waste, bulky waste, construction waste, or demolition waste. Here are some pointers: Small amounts can simply be put in the household waste.

For larger amounts, we recommend contacting your local council; they will be able to give you more information as to your options and where to dispose of the wallpaper. There are differences from one place to another.

For instance, you might be able to buy special bin bags for your old wallpaper which will then be picked up by the weekly refuse collection service. Unused wallpaper rolls can sometimes be left with the bulky waste.

Waste collection or recycling centers that accept recyclable materials, as well as bulky (and other unspecified) waste, are also a possibility for wallpaper disposal.

If you put your wallpaper in the regular household bin, you should thoroughly fold up the removed strips and pieces. This will reduce the volume.

Furthermore, it is advisable to put the pieces in a bin bag so that they don’t end up sticking to the inside of the waste bin when it is emptied. This is also recommended if you take your wallpaper waste to a refuse incineration facility or the recycling/waste disposal centre.

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