Choosing The Right Wallpaper Pattern

Every decorator have their own wallpaper pattern that they love.

But don’t forget that not every pattern that you love will be right for your room.

Here’s a list of some pattern guidelines that we highly recommend.

Before we start, here are some of our topics from the previous discussion on vinyl wallpaper. Just in case if you missed it.

Horizontal wallpaper patterns 

The designs widen and open up a room but can also make the ceiling appear lower than it truly is.

Vertical patterns

Designs that make the ceiling appear higher than it is and add a sense of grandiosity to a space.

Large patterns 

This kind of pattern work best in large rooms, and small patterns work best in small rooms.

If you use a large, spacious pattern in a small room, the pattern will accentuate the smallness of the room and overpower the space.

Dark patterns 

Dark pattern will make the room seem smaller.

In contrast, light wallpapers open and widen a space making it appear larger.

Damask and floral patterns 

Both damask and floral pattern with fine lines create a romantic atmosphere, especially if muted or pastel colors are used.

Bold, geometric patterns 

These kinds of patterns are best for contemporary and modern rooms while elegant damasks and stripes create a traditional look.

Finding The Right Pattern?

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