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Inspirations To Enhance A Living Room With Wallpaper

Living Room With Wallpaper

Wallpaper works wonders in any room of the house and especially in the living room. Chic and practical, it sets the tone for this strategic piece. To succumb to this very fashionable decorative desire, here are some inspirations where wallpaper is a sensation in the living room!

If there is one room where wallpaper meets several challenges, it is the living room. Exposing one or more sections of wallpaper wall to the living room to ensure this room of convivial life par excellence, elegance, and personality. Not only present to “look good,” the wallpaper in the living room sets the tone and helps structure the room when it is shared with the living area.

How to decorate a living room with wallpaper?

If you want to change the style of your living room or simply decorate it with a more trendy touch, wallpaper seems a great option if; you make sure you follow a few rules! The first of them is simple: avoid the total wallpaper look in the living room. The wallpaper on the four walls of the living room will risk creating a feeling of suffocation, or even bad taste, which is clearly not recommended in this room where one receives it. Instead, favor a beautiful section of the wall that you want to highlight: a wall behind the sofa or behind a Scandinavian sideboard. To perfect the atmosphere, you can paint the perpendicular wall in color close to the wallpaper.

Another possibility to take full advantage of wallpaper in a living room is to opt for optical illusion wallpaper to create a feeling of depth in the room or wallpaper that is sufficiently light or with vertical lines to enlarge the room. Finally, never lose sight of one of the primary qualities of wallpaper: it structures the space. So if your large living room has a living room, the wallpaper is ideal for separating these two spaces. Ditto if you are looking to install an office area next to the living room, a beautiful wallpaper will be enough to define the different spaces within the same room.

What are the trendy living room wallpapers in 2023?

Wallpaper publishers compete with ideas to make you want to adopt wallpaper in the living room. It is even THE room where they excel. If the panoramic landscape version of wallpaper is still popular to take our living room on a journey, other wallpaper trends are emerging to sublimate the living room. We think in particular of textured wallpaper for a natural effect or watercolor or paint effect wallpaper to surf the arty wave that is blowing fully in the decorative universe today. In terms of color palettes, neutral and natural colors are popular.

To help you find your favorite wallpaper for wall of your living room, here is the selection…

Dare the XXL floral pattern

Nature invites itself into your living room with large flower wallpaper. Very trendy, the XXL floral patterns dress a wall with elegance and softness, bringing a romantic style and a lot of freshness to any type of interior. More graphic models are also attractive for their wall tattoo effect.

Beautify your wall with your favorite flower. Succumb to the charm of lilies, peonies, or the elegance of magnolias, roses, giant dahlias, or even the finesse of dandelions.

Let yourself be charmed by the Liberty style.

Do you prefer more discreet flowers? Then the Liberty print is for you. Your living room takes on a country and bohemian air with its floral pattern.

 Timeless, it lines your walls with a thousand and one small flowers, with delicacy.

Liberty style wallpaper

Timeless and romantic, this model of wallpaper comes in pink, sky blue, mauve, or beige tones for a serene and warm atmosphere.

You can also daringly coordinate this floral model with another wide striped wallpaper for wall for a more original decoration.

Rediscover raw and natural materials

Very realistic, these wallpapers are available in a multitude of raw materials, allowing you to give free rein to your desires. Brick, stone, concrete, wood, and metals give character to your interior in no time.

 Transform the spirit of your living room by adorning your wall with wallpaper that perfectly reproduces the red bricks of a New York loft.

Also, you can choose imitation metal wallpaper that transforms your room into the spirit of an old workshop, while imitation wood reproduces the comfort of a chalet.

Play with geometric patterns

The optical illusion geometric patterns, as well as the rounded shapes in a rainbow-like arc, create a unique decor in your living room. Triangles, big thick lines in different directions, multicolored or not, are very trendy this year; dress your wall in warm colors. An orange model transports you to the 70s.

Embrace Art Deco

Inspired by nature, art deco revisits flowers, palms… Thus, between geometric shapes or reproduction of roses and other flowers, this style offers a wide variety of models, each more sublime than the other.

Emerald green or duck blue adorn your living room wall with as much chic as ever. The wallpaper, enriched with arabesques or metallic spirals, typical of the art deco movement, gives your interior a chic atmosphere as desired.

Do you want a more refined atmosphere? A white background with clear or golden patterns is just as sublime.

Dare the tropical print living room wallpaper

Want a change of scenery? The tropical wallpaper transports you to the antipodes in less time than it takes to say!

The jungle print, rich in vegetation, makes your living room vibrate. The large tropical patterns in bright colors made up of flowers, birds, or other animals bring joy to your interior. On the other hand, darker colors bring an intensity of bewitching depth to your decoration.

Escape with panoramic wallpaper

How about choosing your destination? Thanks to the panoramic wallpaper, you travel to the end of the world while remaining comfortably installed in your living room.

A mountainous setting, an undergrowth, a heavenly beach, or even an Asian destination… all the landscapes are available to you. They energize your interior and transport you immediately to the destination of your dreams.

Make yourself comfortable, a book in hand, while keeping an eye on your favorite beach, and let yourself be carried away by this decor that is yours.

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