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Children’s room: Find The Wallpaper It Needs!

kids wallpaper

The wallpaper does not lack the imagination to dress the walls of your child’s room. Pastel or in bright colors, quirky or classic, childish or not, this wallcovering is a hit in the bedroom of our toddlers and succeeds in seducing young and old alike. Discover our selection of the moment!

The trend requires wallpaper has become a must in our children’s rooms. It’s healthier than nursery paint, easy to install, comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns, and is totally on-trend. Thanks to kid’s wallpapers, you and your child will be at peace when it comes to decorating his room.

Why choose wallpaper in a child’s room?

Are you still wondering? Opting for a kids wallpaper in the room of your little one is the guarantee of a trendy child’s room. It is true that parents have some concerns about choosing this wall covering. Everyone knows that the tastes of charming little ones are evolving, which inevitably impacts the decoration budget granted to their room. Small, they often want walls with the effigy of their heroes, then with age, their tastes in terms of patterns and colors are refined and, above all, assert themselves!

But at each age, it’s all about reconciliation. The best, for him as for you, is to adopt a pastel wallpaper with very soft patterns that will survive the ages. Exactly as if it were a question of choosing a painting. The child’s room will be revamped at several ages between birth, the start of kindergarten, the passage to CP, and then the arrival at college. The bedroom will evolve with new furniture, small decorations, and wallpaper that will be changed once or twice during childhood.

Trendy wallpapers for a child’s room

The wallpapers dedicated to the children’s room are increasingly eyeing the trends of the moment. Pale pink and sky blue are a hit and have the good taste to intrude in little girls’ rooms as much as those of little boys; they are trendy pastels for everyone! In terms of patterns, the designs are popular, and they are clearly dusting off their usual tackiness. Children also have a right to elegance! The patterns are varied for little houses, pink flamingos, world maps, and birdhouses. Always poetic, they multiply on a wall section only or in total look to awaken a toddler’s room, to arouse his imagination.

Mixed child’s room: 5 wallpaper ideas

Don’t know the gender of your future baby or just want to think outside the box? Opting for a mixed decoration is then a good solution to offer your child an original atmosphere. Discover five kids wallpaper ideas for a successful mixed child’s room!

1. The multicolored or rainbow wallpaper

To be sure to avoid colors with too strong connotations, why not choose them all? In addition to being resolutely festive, a multicolored bedroom will be perfect for all children. Its “playground” side creates an atmosphere conducive to play and fun. To avoid a too “rough” rendering, do not hesitate to recall the colors of your wallpaper in the painting of your mixed room. Your decoration will only be more refined and harmonious.

2. Dotted or striped wallpaper

Polka dots and stripes are timeless patterns that are perfectly suited to mixed children’s rooms. They are also very present in current wallpaper offers. With prints of all sizes and colors, you are bound to find a model that will please your child and match your room’s layout. Soft or more festive atmosphere, everything is possible!

3. Plain wallpaper

You can opt for a plain model if you’re worried about getting bored of overly patterned wallpaper. It will go perfectly with all styles of decoration and will evolve with your child’s age without imposing a specific theme on their room. To keep a childish atmosphere, bet on textiles such as bed linen, carpets, or colored curtains. Furniture in flashy colors can also be a good idea because it will be well-highlighted by plain wallpaper. Finally, why not brighten up your decoration by scattering matching wall posters?

4. The sky theme

Conducive to escape and dreams, the theme of the sky is generally very popular with children. It creates a soft atmosphere and can be declined in several ways: clouds and blue sky, starry night, constellations and rockets, planes and hot air balloons, lunar decor… The possibilities are numerous and appeal to both girls and boys!

5. Panoramic wallpaper

Panoramic wallpaper is ideal for inventing an imaginary world for your child. You can create a whole universe just for him from a forest, mountain, or plant decor. The offer of panoramic wallpaper is now very wide and allows you to imagine all the possible themes for your mixed child’s room. In addition, panoramic decor on an entire section of the wall offers the possibility of fully immersing yourself in this new atmosphere. Add life-size stuffed animals and sprinkle the room with a few worked details, and voila!

Small tip: Do not focus only on references dedicated to children’s rooms during your search. Associated with suitable furniture and decoration, certain models, such as jungle wallpapers, can be perfectly adapted to a child’s room.

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