LOHAS 20/21 – World’s first wallpaper with eco-friendly resin

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Eco-friendly resin is made from vegetable raw materials extracted from corn starch.

PLA resin has the advantage of being biodegradable and not producing environmental hormones.

As it is applied to various fields such as tableware, toys, food packaging, etc. it is a safe resin.

Coating layer infographics

Nature Works

LOHAS’ natural corn coating is the world’s first use PLA resin from natural corn.

We use the extracted PLA of Natureworks of the United States.

Anti-mildew Resin Layer Applied

All silk products of Forsythia Wallpaper have anti-fungal function to enhance it’s durability and strength


Healthy space with LOHAS

Healthier by removing harmful substances. Ensure the quality of life balance and smoothness in your living space.

PLA Emulsion Coating Materials

Optimized for wallpaper production process and air quality in the case of FLOHAUS production after secondary processing in the state.

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