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Ultimate Guide To Wallcovering

Let's have good understanding in wallcovering

Wallcovering is a wide and broadest terminology in interior
industry. But, believe me, the accurate knowledge in wallcovering is not that easy to get as it may sound.

In this free guide, I’ll give you a thorough guide in wallcovering.
Either you are interior designer, supplier, or even a person who want to start
decorating your space, THIS is your ultimate savior.

You’ll learn about:

 General Information

Wallcovering History

What is Wallpaper made off

Types of wallcovering

Wallcovering Symbols

Wallcovering Sizes

Rolls Required


Choosing The Right Adhesive

Wallcovering Installation Tools

Wallcovering Primer

Why must Prepare the Wall



Problems with the Substrate

Problems with Paste and Soaking Time


Important Information

Recommended Wallcovering Primer

Solution of Common Wall Problem

Wallcovering Installation

Standard Practice

Wallcovering Claim

Tricks, Tip, & Things To Remember

Wallcovering Problem Solver

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