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Ideal workspace for this lockdown

Working remotely from home can be extremely challenging. One needs to face predominant distractions for this entire period fro either pets, kids, nor family members. To lessen the dilemma, you need to recreate a version of the working environment at home to be productive. Here are a few lockdown home decor ideas that may help you.


Distractions are just something you will have to deal with. But you can minimize the interruptions by a finding spot in your house that is relatively isolated. We are fully aware, this is not an easy task. Having a dedicated room as an office, might be a good idea but not everyone has that kind of space. Hence, the simplest way is by turning a cozy nook in the bedroom into a workspace. For couples who are working from home, you could try sharing that space too. 


Buying a table is not feasible, or indeed possible, at this time. The easiest option is to turn the dining table into your working area. However, that idea might not be everyone cup of tea. You could instead try using the coffee table or dressing table as your temporary work desk. 

Seating supports your back

Most people don’t have an ergonomic chair lying around, so you are most probably going to end up using a dining chair. A cushioned back works well but remember to stretch every hour or you are going to be sore by the end of the day. 

If you are using a low surface like an ottoman, fashion comfortable seating on the floor with your back against the wall and cushions to prop you up to a comfortable height. Don’t sit on the couch and place your laptop on the coffee table. The constant bending down will eventually take a toll on your back. 

Organise your files

Chances are that your temporary office isn’t going to need storage. But if you do have the need, improvise a file cabinet for the time being. You could empty a bedside or end table for this purpose and place it next to your work station.