5 great wallpaper ideas for powder room

One of the trendiest home decoration ideas today is wallpaper. Wallpaper is back with a bang, offering easy installation, bright and bold patterns, and even removable options. Even better, today’s wallpaper can withstand the dampness of any room, making it a viable option for decorating your kitchen, bathroom, or powder room. If you’re looking for ideas for your home or apartment or just ideas for updating a small space, check out our top wallpaper ideas for powder rooms below!

1.Big Florals

One stunning powder room wallpaper idea is to pick a floral pattern. Pick a wallpaper that has a dark background with a large, up-close flower such as a peony. Alternatively, choose a piece with a white background so that it seamlessly fades into the rest of the room with the flower alone acting as your showpiece.

Pick a soft blush-colored flora so as not to overwhelm your guests, but to create a calming experience for anyone who uses the room. 


Marble is one of the best, longest-lasting wallpaper ideas for a powder room because marble will never go out of style. With its unique veins and designs, each marble piece is different, giving your powder room a charming and personal touch. Marble can pair perfectly with white tile. Plus, if you get a washable wallpaper (like vinyl), you’ll have a room that isn’t susceptible to mold and mildew. 


Whether in jewelry or home, gold is making a big comeback. What used to be a dated look now brings vibrancy and excitement. Gold is a great wallpaper idea for powder rooms as the tone won’t get old. Unlike more traditional colors, gold is a metallic look that won’t go out of style as quickly. Gold wallpaper can come in many options like a geometric pattern over a white background, or a small floral print. 


You might be familiar with a mud cloth design on throw pillows, but that doesn’t mean you can only use it in the living room. Indigo mud cloth is a perfect powder room wallpaper idea with its cool hues and funky design. Mudcloth is exceptionally eclectic and not often seen in wallpaper, but we think it shouldn’t be that way. With its stunning look, you can turn any space into a bohemian getaway in no time.

Be sure to pick accent pieces and accessories that will complement the vibrant pattern rather than detract from it or overwhelm the room. 


Another wallpaper trend today is the botanical theme. Botanical wallpapers resemble vintage patterns of old but have an updated, modern twist to them. Rather than use one of the traditional green-hued patterns, pick a blue tropical piece that can give the room a lovely, unique touch. If you enjoy the vibrancy of the green, pick a wallpaper that has a big pattern rather than a small one that can get overwhelming.