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Wallpaper for Children’s Room: Materials Available and Criteria to Choose


Of course, parents not only entertain their young offspring but also strive to create comfort and security for them, an atmosphere of security and confidence. Therefore, experts recommend paying maximum attention to the organization of the living space of the children’s room, where the child spends a lot of time. An important factor in this is the wallpaper in the nursery, which is usually selected with great care. There are several options and solutions for kids wallpaper from leading brands – manufacturers of wall coverings.

Types of wallpaper materials for the kids

When it comes to choosing the material for kids wallpaper, there are many options to choose from, as shown below:

Paper wallpaper in the children’s room- The most common type of wallpaper, which is considered option number 1. They are distinguished by a huge selection of patterns and color and comes at comparatively lower prices. Some users are stopped by their fragility, low strength, and impracticality. However, in an age of new technologies, paper wallpapers are perfect today. Many paper wallpapers today come with acrylic on top, so they can easily be wiped with a damp sponge. By the way, you must admit that it is best to draw on paper – a clear advantage of paper wallpaper. But there is no need to scold the child for this; the painted coatings will still have to be changed soon. Children grow up quickly, so the wallpaper will have to be chosen differently, taking into account age and changing interests.

Non-woven wallpaper in the children’s room- Another option for paintings in the nursery is non-woven wallpaper. Interlining itself is a safe material based on cellulose fibers. Global brands that produce non-woven wallpaper today use a perforated outer layer as a coating. It allows the wallpaper to “breathe” and is absolutely safe. These wallpapers are quite durable and moisture-resistant.

Vinyl wallpaper in the children’s room- Paper and non-woven wallpapers are not the only solutions for a nursery. Today you can use vinyl wallpaper. Well-known brands have interesting collections suitable for children. The quality and safety of such wallpapers are guaranteed.

Textile wallpaper in the children’s room- Many parents are tempted to use textile wallpapers in the nursery because of their aesthetic appearance and warmth. Indeed, textile wallpapers, which are woven threads glued to a paper base, look very beautiful. They have a high degree of sound and heat insulation, which is very important for a child’s room. There is an opinion that textile wallpapers attract dust, so it is difficult to care for them. Actually, it is not. Premium textile wallpapers are treated with a special impregnation that is safe for the child and makes life easier for his parents. Therefore, do not be afraid to buy and glue them.

The main criteria for choosing wallpaper on the wall in the nursery

Wallpaper design- For many, this criterion will probably come first. After all, the main thing is that the baby was interested. You will find a large number of fun designs online that kids love so much. Embark on an unusual and colorful journey with the producers of the collection, full of fantastic stories. You can invest in wallpapers with amazing designs like polar bears and friendly crocodiles, beautiful flamingos, good-natured whales, and small rabbits that will enhance your kid’s tenderness and imagination.

Environmental friendliness- Of course, one of the most important criteria for choosing wallpaper for a nursery is the environmental friendliness of the canvases. Choose wallpapers for kids that are certified and meet quality standards. Therefore, without exception, they are all environmentally friendly and safe for your kids.

Practicality- Of course, the practicality of wallpaper remains important for parents. Of course, the kids frolic, scratch, and wipe the wallpaper, be sure to leave “rock art” on the walls. Manufacturers must consider this; therefore, the wallpaper has anti-vandal properties and is designed for cleaning and cleaning.

Wallpaper is still the most popular wall material for children’s rooms. Manufacturers offer coatings of various materials, a variety of colors, interesting textures, and incredible conceptual and artistic solutions – in a word, you can buy spectacular wallpapers for literally every occasion. Therefore, the popularity of kids wallpaper, in comparison with other materials, beats all records.

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