Expert Installation Guide for Korean Paperback Wallpaper

Transform Your Space with Ease and Precision

Discover the step-by-step process to flawlessly install your new Korean paperback wallpaper. From initial setup to the final touches, our comprehensive guide ensures a perfect finish.

Section 1 : Job Site Setup

Preparing Your Space

Section 2 : Tools and Material

Essential Tools & Materials

Section 3 : Wall Preparation

Preparing Your Wall

Section 4 : Cutting and Booking

Measuring & Cutting

Section 5 : Applying Wallpaper

Installation Process

Section 6 : Finishing Touches

Final Adjustment and Cleaning

1. Clear The Room

Clear the room of furniture. Furniture and fixtures would be a hindrance to the installation process of wallpaper. If possible, it would be of best interest to remove the furniture and fixtures first and rearrange them after the installation is done.

2. Cover Large Items

Cover large items with canvas drop cloths. Sometimes certain furniture may be too heavy to be moved or the movement may cause damage to the flooring of the customer. If they are not blocking the installation, they can also be covered with canvas drop cloth to prevent any sort of dust falling on them. There are moments where you may need to scrape the wall with a metal scrapper and that can also cause the scraped paint to fall onto the items.

3. Remove Fixture

Some fixtures may be attached to the wall with screw(s). Remove fixtures with screwdrivers. Store the screws carefully for reattachment after the installation is done.

4. Remove Curtain Track

If the installation is going to involve the wall with curtains, be sure to remove the curtains first. Then, remove the curtain tracks using a drill or screwdriver. Remember to place the curtains nicely to avoid creasing or seek advice from the home owner is available.

5. Gather Tool

Gather all necessary tools into the tool bag and materials before starting.

6. Protect Floor

Protect floors and baseboards with canvas drop cloths or wallpaper wastage. Look for an open space that is wide enough to unroll the wallpaper and to cut them according to the wall measurement.

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