IMPERIAL 81018-1

Imperial Korean Wallpaper Collection is an inspiration for the wallpaper industry. Ornate patterns, jewel bright colors. The essence of living. Convey the refreshing face of nature as it is. Noblesse Classic. Splendid but delicate elegance stand out through classical outline grace felt in brilliant crystal of chandelier and hommage that you will be fascinated enough not to take your eyes off even for a moment. Unique Modern. In this world everything is trimmed and well-decorated, people have a great longing for pure nature. Specialty, harmony and diversity maximizing the fun of mixing various materials. Cozy Natural. With its vast windows, fresh color palette and abundance of natural motifs, the contemporary interior of this home reflects its animated surroundings perfectly. This Korean Wallpaper roll is 1.06M(w) x15.5M(L) which is suitable for approximately 150SQFT wall coverage, taking into account of minor wastages.

Origin: Korea
Roll Size: 42"
Paper Type: Paper Backed
Characteristic: Washable, Good Light Fastness, Strippable
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