Signautre Collection uses RAW MINIMAL Concepts with natural raw materials and Geometric shapes creates mood and atmosphere.
Intense colors with golden point convey a sense of harmony and simple, timeless elegance.
From geometrics with characteristic uniformity to unexpected asymmetrical lines on rough textures, the visual contrast will be a focal point and bring a unique and luxurious mood into your home.

It also depicts PURITY IN NATURE by having Plant Motives that bring a sense of nature inside. Atmospheric nature with simplicity merges timelessness and contemporary.
Smooth texture expression with soft colors can make us cast off the haste and
find calm and balance. Fresh colors from the nature give us a feeling of refreshment and coziness

This Korean Wallpaper roll is 1.06M(w) x15.5M(L) which is suitable for approximately 150SQFT wall coverage, taking into account of minor wastages.

Origin: Korea
Roll Size: 42"
Paper Type: Paper Backed
Characteristic: Super Washable, Good Light Fastness
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