M & M 8005-3

M&M Korean Wallpaper Collection introduces multiple design solutions for Mix and Match. This collection is designed to be a last touch of your space interior completion.The Design Philosophy of M&M is to create a perfect color, texture and pattern to combine various furniture, fabric and object in your living space. Use a diverse mix and match composition to make your space looks new every day. A Message from M&M, a must have item in your home. Put Nature’s beauty in space. Apply color sense of Modernism. Add Depth to simplicity. This Korean Wallpaper roll is 1.06M(w) x15.5M(L) which is suitable for approximately 150SQFT wall coverage, taking into account of minor wastages.

Origin: Korea
Roll Size: 42"
Paper Type: Paper Backed
Characteristic: Washable, Good Light Fastness, Strippable
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