Wallpapers are an easy way to upgrade your house and are economical too. Home wallpapers make for a captivating interior design piece for your house without burning the hole in your pocket. Wallpapers are also a great way to design your house ceiling and walls to create a well designed and modern looking house on a budget. Wallpapers are readily available in the market space online and offline.

Wallpaper & Carpet Distributor is a promising name as an FSC Certified wallpaper Malaysia distributor in the country. Our company provides high quality and durable wallpapers to our esteemed clientele at cost-effective rates. We have a vast and exclusive collection of wallpaper designs that includes European wallpaper, fabric-backed wallpaper, digital print wallpaper, latest launch wall covering, etc at a Market competitive price.

Some benefits of using wallpaper for your house

aesthetic appeal
durability and longevity
adds visual appeal
easy maintenance
easy to apply

Wallpapers can be used in any room of your house to create a visual interest like bedroom room wallpaper. It acts as an accent wall while wallpaper in the kid’s room could be theme-based. Our wallpapers are made in Germany, Italy, and the UK. Besides, the array of Korean and European wallpapers is based on the pre-set design catalogue. Our wallpapers are available in varying length size and the latest design, pattern and prints to cater to the ever-changing market demands. Some popular brand names that have been fetched laurels in the market include Graham & Brown, Rasch, Marburg, Komar, and Zambaiti Parati.

Customer Satisfaction

We provide a myriad of wallpapers fully customizable as per our client’s demands and requirements at customer-friendly prices. Our customer services are fair and available at reasonable prices. We offer quick and hassle-free delivery of products with safety assurance to our clients. We also provide free samples to guarantee satisfied customers. To know more about our high-quality wallpaper price in Malaysia, call us or visit our official website.

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